Title: On Boosting the Web Service Performances for High Energy Experiments

Authors: Francesco Lelli , Gaetano Maron

Venue: National Institute of Nuclear Physics of Italy, (INFN), National Laboratory of Legnaro (LNL), Italy, Annual Report , December 2006

Abstract:  We present a new XML parser, the Cache Parser, which exploits a cache to reduce the parsing time on the receiver side, by reusing information related to previously parsed documents/messages similar to the one under examination. We will show how our fast parser can improve the global throughput of any application based on Web or Grid Services, or also on JAXP-RPC. Experimental results demonstrate that our algorithm is 25 times faster than the fastest algorithm in the market and, if used in a WS scenario, can dramatically increase the number of requests per second handled by a server (up to 150% of improvement) bringing it close to a system that does not use XML at all.

KEYWORDS: Web Servic, Quality of Service, performance, XML, Cache, SAX, DOM, Response Time, cloud computing, SOA, SLA 

Link: http://www.lnl.infn.it/~annrep/read_ar/2006/contributions/pdfs/291_FK_170_FKK165.pdf