Title: Fast Information Transport for an Instrument Enabled Grid

Authors: Francesco Lelli E. Frizziero, Z. Har’El, B. Mandler, G. Maron, P. Molini, S. S. Pinter

Venue: 3rd international Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, Bangalore, India, December 2007

Abstract:  Grid-based computing frameworks leverage under-utilised processing and storage resources. We present and evaluate a new high-performance, reliable middleware layer that can incorporate instruments into a grid. This Java based messaging system supports remote distributed control and operation of scientific instruments, such as sensors and probes, thereby significantly expanding the grid’s capabilities.
Various comparative measurements show that our system outperforms the top-ranked publish-subscribe Java systems in the market. Our software can reach a peak message exchange rate of 900,000 messages per second, with a latency of less than half a millisecond on a 1 GB Ethernet switch.

KEYWORDS: Web Service, Quality of Service, performance, cloud computing, SOA, SLA, java, JMS, Performance, Comparison, Benchmark  

Link: Fast Information Transport